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Decontamination - Care & Maintenance

NSK offer a range of products to suit your needs and keep your dental equipment clean, safe and in excellent condition. We offer the iClave plus, a powerful vacuum autoclave with a differentiated heating system to sterilise all materials and instruments, including the internal surfaces of handpieces and the iCare+ which combines n.clean and n.cid, a bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal* disinfectant solution, which has been specially formulated and validated to meet all applicable European and international standards.

NSK has devised the SMART3 handpiece decontamination protocol…

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Autoclave Range

Maintenance Range

Extended warranty on NSK handpieces with every new NSK autoclave*

NSK Decon Offers Winter 2023 / Spring 2024

Download/View NSK Decon Offers Flyer (PDF)

* Six month extended handpiece warranty applies only to NSK handpieces still in warranty either from new, or from a repair carried out by NSK UK.