Ikigai Oral Hygiene Community

Nurture your vocation

The NSK Ikigai Oral Hygiene Community started with one mission, to create a dedicated support network for dental hygienists and therapists.

An active community and professional development hub, NSK Ikigai’s primary goal has always been to bring people together. Created by hygienists Siobhan Kelleher, and Gemma O’Callaghan and supported by NSK’s Alexander Breitenbach and Francois Faro, the community remains dedicated to unlocking your potential and increasing your career satisfaction.

NSK iCare
NSK iCare

Your reason for being

Inspired by the Japanese word “ikigai” which roughly translates as “a reason for being” the NSK Ikigai Oral Hygiene Community exists to reaffirm your purpose.

We believe that dental hygiene and therapy is more a vocation than a job, and we’re here to uplift and inspire you at every stage of your career. We do this through engaging tips on our Facebook community page, webinars, and hands-on training events.

Just as our name suggests, NSK Ikigai isn’t one thing. So many elements feed into your satisfaction at work each day, and we’re here to shine a light on all of it, from your wellbeing to your professional skills.

Benefit from:

  • An active community that understands your challenges and successes and is there for you 24/7.
  • Support across all areas that impact your work with everything from yoga and anxiety workshops to free-flowing tips about nutrition, skincare for PPE and mask-fitting.
  • Convenient ways to upskill in the areas you need through regular webinars hosted by experienced hygienists.
  • Practical hands-on events with expert guest speakers providing insights into the latest industry developments and techniques.
  • Verifiable CPD hours for all NSK Ikigai courses.
  • A movement that believes in raising the level of excellence within the profession for patients, hygienists, and therapists.
  • Fun and laughter, Because sometimes that’s the key to getting the most from your day!
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