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Cat Edney’s Top Tips

With award winning dental hygienist and therapist, Cat Edney.

Episode 1

Varios Ultrasonic Scaler Tip – G5.
Gross calculus removal.

Episode 2

Varios Ultrasonic Scaler Tip – G6.
Gross calculus removal.

Episode 3

Varios Ultrasonic Scaler Tip – G8.
Gross calculus removal.

Episode 4

Varios Ultrasonic Scaler Tip – G16.
Gross calculus removal.

Episode 5

Varios Ultrasonic Scaler Tip – P1D.
Removal of calculus and biofilm from deep pockets.

Episode 6

Varios Ultrasonic Scaler Tip – P20.
Light biofilm removal, maintenance and early calculus formations.

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Spotlight on Dental Career Pathways Part 4
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Ikigai LIVE – June 2023
with Jenny Walker and Kathryn Mayo

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