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The importance of oral hygiene

As good oral hygiene is the key to both dental health and overall wellbeing, we champion any effort that improves the standard of oral care.

Hygienists and therapists know that a healthy mouth can improve people’s quality of life. With quality equipment and the correct application, we can provide the best care to patients.

The NSK Ikigai Oral Hygiene Community helps you to master techniques with targeted, hands-on training courses while educating you on innovative equipment choices to elevate your day-to-day.

NSK iCare

Safe, effective powder therapy

A popular and highly effective treatment, powder therapy enables you to safely and gently remove deposits that cause periodontal disease.

Allowing for effective removal of biofilm with a gentle action, it’s also less likely to damage delicate periodontal pockets and tissue. At the same time the right equipment removes the strain needed to deliver these maintenance treatments, which is better for you, and better for the patient.

Delivering the best oral hygiene

To achieve this effective, safe, and gentle cleaning action, NSK Ikigai uses:

  • NSK Perio-Mate  eradicating biofilm in 20 seconds, treating periodontal pockets and peri-implantitis using an ultra-fine water spray and glycerine-based Perio-mate Powder.
  • NSK Prophy-Mate neo  giving teeth reclaimed lustre without the need for harsh teeth whitening. Prophy-Mate neo’s FLASH pearl powder polishes teeth to a natural shine.
  • Varios Combi Pro  a compact unit combining ultrasonic scaling and powder therapy. Saving time on space and money, the separate chambers of Varios Combi Pro allow you to switch between handpieces and handpiece hoses without the risk of powders mixing or clogging.
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