Handpiece Decontamination Protocol

As the UK’s market leader in handpiece and decontamination technology, we are committed to improving the standards of handpiece decontamination in dental practice.

It is vitally important to decontaminate handpieces effectively to minimise the risk of cross-infection between patients and dental practice staff, and this can only be achieved by establishing and adhering to a defined handpiece decontamination process.

To help dental practices achieve this, NSK has devised the SMART3 handpiece decontamination protocol, which consists of three key steps:

1. Cleaning

1. Cleaning

2. Lubrication

2. Lubrication

SMART3 Sterilisation

3. Sterilisation

These steps, when undertaken using a proven, automated system, deliver the following SMART benefits:

  • SAFER – compared with inconsistent manual processes and the use of incorrect autoclave/sterilisation cycles.
  • MEASURED – employing proven systems that dose the correct volumes of cleaning solution and lubricant, handpieces can be sterilised using the correct autoclave cycles – S or B type vacuum.
  • AFFORDABLE – ensures the overall process will deliver a return on investment based on the cost savings of the consumables used, over-reliance on expensive inventory and, ongoing handpiece maintenance costs.
  • REPRODUCIBLE – provides consistent results, time after time, by removing the ambiguities associated with a manual process.
  • TIME SAVING – significantly decreases the time required to manually decontaminate handpieces, helping improve throughput and reducing costly delays in the process.

Find out more about the SMART3 handpiece decontamination protocol and NSK’s range of handpiece decontamination equipment and products.

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