Minimally Invasive Surgical / Non-Surgical Treatment

A full day lecture and workshop combo for dentists, hygienists and therapists

Letchworth, North London – Saturday 28th September 2024

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to experience a unique combination of lecture and hands-on workshop delivered by world renowned Specialist in Periodontics Professor Luigi Nibali accompanied by Dr Varhka Rattu.

The morning session will comprise a joint 2-handed lecture for dentists, hygienist and therapists during which the cohort will learn the theoretical aspects of regenerative/reconstructive periodontal surgery.

Following lunch Professor Nibali will conduct a ‘pig’s head’ demonstration of minimally-invasive flap designs suitable for periodontal regenerative/reconstructive surgeries. Following the demo, delegates will split for the MIST (surgical) workshop led by Prof Nibali and the MINST (non surgical) workshop led by Dr Rattu. (Workshops will run concurrently).

Presented by

Dr Varkha Rattu

Dr Varkha Rattu


Dr Rattu is a 2018 graduate from Queen Mary, University of London, has exhibited a steadfast commitment to excellence in dentistry. Currently enrolled in the four-year periodontology postgraduate program at King’s College London, Guy’s Hospital, Dr Rattu manages intricate periodontal cases through non-surgical and surgical approaches. 

Her active engagement in periodontal research has resulted in the publication of articles in esteemed peer-reviewed journals and invitations to contribute as a reviewer, showcasing her substantive contributions to the field. Recently, she has emerged as an international speaker, specialising in periodontitis and its systemic implications. Notably, Dr. Rattu was awarded the esteemed British Society of Periodontology Systematic Review Prize, recognising her exceptional research conducted in collaboration with leading global experts.

Under the mentorship of Professor Luigi Nibali, a prominent figure in minimally invasive non-surgical therapy (MINST), Dr Rattu has developed extensive expertise. Her proficiency in this specialised field is evidenced by her delivery of sought-after national lectures and workshops on MINST, prompting recurrent invitations to share her valuable knowledge and insights.


Professor Luigi Nibali

Professor Luigi Nibali

MSc Perio Lond 2006, Dip Dent Catania 2001

Professor Nibali graduated from the University of Catania in Italy and was awarded a PhD in Periodontology at University College London in 2006. He previously worked as Lecturer and then Reader in Periodontology at the UCL Eastman Dental Institute and then at Queen Mary University of London.

He is currently Professor/Honorary Consultant, Academic Lead and Director of the Postgraduate program in Periodontology at King’s College London, based at Guy’s Hospital. He is also the Co-Lead of the Oral Clinical Research Unit and the Lead of Centre for Host-Microbiome Interactions at King’s College London.

Prof. Nibali has widely published in the medical and dental literature and received several international research prizes in periodontology. His research interests range from periodontal medicine, genetics and microbial aetiopathogenesis and minimally-invasive periodontal treatment of intrabony defects and furcations. 

MIST Workshop

  • Introduction to regenerative/reconstructive periodontal surgical techniques
  • Introduction to regenerative/reconstructive periodontal materials
  • Hands-on session of minimally-invasive flap designs used for periodontal regenerative/reconstructive surgeries using pig’s heads and biomaterials.

MINST Workshop

  • Diagnosis and classification of IBDs
  • Introduction to using piezo
  • MINST demo by Dr Rattu
  • MINST practical session including use of piezo, Gracey vs mini Gracey scalers, importance of illumination with loupes and microscope

Delegates can choose to attend either the morning lecture, including lunch (maximum 60 delegates) or the full day lecture and workshops. The full day option is limited to 15 delegates on each of the MIST / MINST courses.

Full day, including MIST Workshop with Prof Nibali £594 (inc Vat)
Full day, including MINST Workshop led by Dr Rattu £354 (inc VAT)
Morning only including lecture by Prof Nibali (suitable for all clinicians) £114 (inc VAT)

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