NSK Rental

The following products are included in the NSK Rental scheme:

  • NSK Turbines and Contra-angles
  • NLXnano Portable Micromotor
  • VarioSurg and VarioSurg3 Piezo surgical units
  • Surgic Pro surgical implant unit
  • Varios piezo ultrasonic devices for oral hygiene, endo and MI procedures
  • EndoMate DT2 & TC2 as well as iPex II
  • Prophy-Mate neo and Perio-Mate hygiene systems
  • iCare & iCare+
  • Handpiece Maintenance Systems
  • iMax S, iClave+, iClave HP and MX230 Autoclaves

Budgeting for the future

With many practice budgets already stretched, now may not seem the right time to be looking at buying new equipment. With interest rates at a 30-year high, borrowing money via loans or using capital which could be reinvested, are both less attractive options than in previous years.

But there is another way – the option of renting equipment with built-in service and breakdown cover for a manageable monthly fee. Requiring only an initial deposit and first-period payment, rental payments stay the same throughout the contract, rather than having to purchase outright.

Renting equipment from NSK makes complete sense. I can utilise the latest handpiece for my needs with the reassurance that it comes from a highly reliable source and breakdown and service cover are built into the agreement for a manageable fixed monthly fee.
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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