Imogen Fox

Let’s talk about the C-word

Let’s talk about the C-word. Compassionate care for people living with cancer

An Ikigai Webinar with

Imogen Fox

Learning Aims:

  • To get conversations started between the dental team and our patients who have experienced cancer with the goal to improve patient experiences.
  • To give clinicians the confidence to open conversations about a sensitive and emotive subject.
  • To enable clinicians and all dental staff to give truly compassionate care.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe compassionate empathy
  • Have a general understanding of how to approach difficult subjects with patients in a more compassionate manner
  • Identify the side effects of radiation to the head and neck

GDC – A, C & D

Worth 1 hour of verifiable eCPD

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On completion of the video you will be able to download a PDF certificate, which can be used as evidence of CPD hours.

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