Giving Rent Its Due

This article was first published May 2015

Dr George Stramotas BDS discusses why handpiece rental makes sense

Dentistry is a capital-intensive endeavour. For decades the only path for a practice owner or associate to follow was to purchase their equipment either through cash or a loan (or a combination of the two). In recent years, especially since the financial crisis of 2008, renting equipment has become more commonplace in all industries, not just in dentistry. The advantages of renting equipment are numerous and include maintaining cash reserves, controlling budgets, using the most up-to-date equipment, and timely, efficient equipment servicing.

One of the simplest reasons to rent is to help cash flow. Cash is king in just about any business and tying up cash in equipment purchases can limit a practice’s growth potential, whereas renting requires nothing more than an initial deposit and first-period payment.

Additionally, unlike lines of credit that usually have variable rates, rental payments are fixed. Regardless of what happens in the financial markets, rental payments stay the same throughout the contract, thus limiting a practice’s exposure to any rise in interest rates that can yet again hinder cash flow.

By renting a top of the range air turbine or contra-angle, for example, a clinician can also forego the expense of routine maintenance as the leasing company absorbs this expense as part of a service contract. Also, by having a manufacturer offering servicing and repair functions as part of the lease ensures that preventative maintenance and repair are performed in a timely manner, minimising equipment downtime.

NSK Ti-Max Z95L handpieceAdopting New Technology

Whilst the dental industry has traditionally been rather slow to adopt new technology, in the last few years we have seen the increased use of electronically driven micromotors in conjunction with geared contra-angles to deliver exceptional control, speed and accuracy. Clinicians often consider this as a more expensive option, but in truth a micromotor and speed-increasing contra-angle enable greater control over speed variation and torque, aiding the efficient delivery of modern dentistry. Also, given the variation in speeds that can be achieved by combining motors and contra-angles or straight handpieces, the number of instruments required for differing applications can potentially be greatly reduced.

Electrically driven instruments such as the NSK Ti Max Z95L speed-increasing contra-angle are well-known for their flexibility and for operating at vastly reduced noise levels, plus electric micromotors can be fully integrated into the delivery system of most dental treatment units. When integration is not an option they can easily be added in form of a stand-alone tabletop unit connected to the delivery system, integrating with existing controls. Modern rotary instruments are lighter, smaller and more ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue and to maximise visibility of the operative field and can rented from only £45.91 per month/3 years or £31.97 per month/5 years.

Equipment Rental†

I have recently rented an NSK Ti-Max Z45L 1:4.2 speed increasing contra-angle with a 45° head. This handpiece really compliments my rented NSK Ti-Max Z95L and is very useful where space is tight as it delivers outstanding accessibility and superior visibility for hard-to-reach molars. Would I have outlaid the £1200 to buy this contra-angle? Probably not, but as I can have all its benefits in dally practice for less that £50.00 per month on rental, to me it is a very easy decision which delivers great benefits to my patients and the practice.

I believe renting equipment from NSK makes complete sense. I can utilise the very latest handpiece with the peace of mind that it comes from a highly reliable source and service and repair cover are built in to the agreement for a small fixed monthly fee.

NSK Ti-Max Z45L handpieceNSK has built a solid reputation for quality products, which are recognised globally as some of the best and most innovative across the industry. They are known as the premier rotary instrument supplier in the United Kingdom and key to their success is the quality of their products and service. The only thing NSK ask when renting handpieces is that they are well looked after and the practices have access to an NSK-approved care and maintenance unit such as the NSK Care3Plus, iCare or iCare+, W&H Assistina, KaVo QUAT¬TROcare, or use NSK PANA SPRAY Plus care and maintenance lubricant oil.

There are a few instances in which renting handpieces and small equipment may not be an effective option. That said, having the rental option available allows a business to more effectively balance the need for cashflow and the need to add equipment, without requiring major capital investment. Renting is an effective tool in any practices’ toolbox, easing the impact of equipment obsolescence, maintains existing lines of credit and reduces tax liability.

Dr George Stramotas BDS (Rand) is owner and principal at Blythe Road Dental Practice in Brook Green, West London. He has over 23 years of experience in dentistry and is a highly skilled dentist with a special interest in cosmetic, restorative and preventive dentistry.

Pull out box

NSK’s rental scheme takes the headache out of budgeting for the purchase and running costs of rotary and small equipment. NSK rental – one easy payment and no nasty surprises… And your practice can benefit from NSK equipment rental whichever system you use… NSK PTL FLEXI Quick, KAVO®, SIRONA®, W&H® & BIEN-AIR®

The following products are included in the NSK Rental scheme:

  • NSK Turbines and Contra-angles
  • NLXPlus Portable Micromotor
  • VarioSurg and VarioSurg3 Piezo surgical units
  • SurgicPro surgical implant unit
  • Varios Piezo ultrasonic devices for oral hygiene, endo and MI procedures
  • Endomate DT & TC2 as well as iPex II
  • Prophy-Mate neo and Perio-Mate hygiene systems
  • iCare & iCare+ Handpiece Maintenance Systems
  • iClave, iClave HP and MX230 autoclaves

For more information on the NSK product range and Rental Scheme contact NSK on 0800 6341909 or your preferred dental dealer.

*The only thing NSK stipulate is that if you rent a rotary instrument you need to either have access to an NSK approved care and maintenance unit such as the NSK Care3Plus, iCare or iCare+, W&H® Assistina, KaVo® QUATTROcare or use PANA SPRAY Plus Care & Maintenance lubricant oil. Terms and conditions apply.

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†Business use only, subject to status. Rental is arranged through NSK’s finance partners Snowbird Finance Ltd.

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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