Why the VOLVERE i7 is the portable micromotor every practice needs

Dr Sunil Hirani talks about NSK’s new VOLVERE i7 from his specialist orthodontic practice, SmileLux, in Milton Keynes.

I run a fully private, high end specialist orthodontic clinic. We are always looking to push new boundaries with everything we do, whether that’s R&D, aligner technology or testing the newest equipment.

I always find it amazing when I hear of dentists who are not embracing technological advancements. If we don’t keep up with the rest of the world now, and that’s both from advancements in dentistry and technology at large, we’ll quickly become dinosaurs.

The importance of the patient journey

Volvere-i7 setWe need to make it easier for patients to access and undertake the treatment plans we are recommending. In our case, we have patients travelling to our Milton Keynes clinic from places like Norfolk, London and the north of England as well as overseas. We harness technology to make every visit relevant.

Advancements in AI and circumstances during the pandemic led us to remotely monitor patients through video calls and dental monitoring software that assesses their progress, and if we see something relevant, we have the power to call them in. This way of working reduces the patient’s carbon footprint, and it saves time for them and our team.

People love this approach because we all have so much going on in a 24-hour period, that travelling for a short ten-to-fifteen-minute appointment (that could be undertaken virtually) is a burden to them.

Enhancing workflows

The equipment you use can make a big difference to your day-to-day clinic and the patient’s experience. That’s why I say, if you haven’t tried the NSK VOLVERE i7 yet, you need to. Every clinic needs a portable micromotor.

Previously, I used the motor on my dental chair to trim aligners and orthodontic devices. I had to stretch the cord over the chair as this is where the motor is. This is difficult to do if there is a patient in the chair, and you have to physically box them in. Plus, if the chair suddenly stops working for some unusual reason, you are stuck.

A portable motor changes all that because you can complete tasks comfortably from a worktop as a back-up device. The NSK VOLVERE i7 is practically “plug and play”, with a great user guide, an intuitive set up, and it comes with a foot pedal and an E-type Micromotor connection.

Convenient and practical

The NSK VOLVERE i7 has two connection options, the standard laboratory motor or the E-connection which for surgery use gives much more flexibility. When used with a standard clinical contra-angle, it is suitable for placing in a patient’s mouth for simple procedures not requiring cooling. This can enhance any dentist’s workflow, whether it’s for adjusting an aligner outside the mouth, or carefully removing adhesive from a tooth.

Crucially, the desktop mains powered unit functions excellently, with powerful torque and a lightweight, comfortable handpiece. There’s a foot pedal in the box too, however if you want to reduce foot fatigue simply select the ‘cruise control’ mode.

Volvere-i7 HP 1506 wWe champion state-of-the-art solutions in our clinic. The NSK VOLVERE i7 does everything I need it to and more, and for those reasons I wouldn’t be without this unit from NSK (so much so that I bought two together to share within the clinic). Let’s just say that if you’re looking to enhance your workflow, a portable micromotor like this is a no-brainer for someone who wants reduced hassle.



Dr Sunil Hirani - Specialist OrthodontistDr Sunil Hirani
BSc (Hons), BDS, MSc, FDSRCS (Eng), MOrthRCS (Eng), FDS (Orth), GCAP (KCL)

Dr Hirani is a consultant-level qualified orthodontist with over two decades of experience in the field.

Chairman of the British Lingual Orthodontic Society (BLOS) and one of the 175 active members of the European Society of Lingual Orthodontics (ESLO), available only by examination, Dr Hirani is considered a leading orthodontist throughout the UK and Europe. He is also the only UK orthodontist to become an accredited member of the World Society of Lingual Orthodontics (WSLO).

Dr Hirani plays an active role in the Milton Keynes branch of the British Dental Association, and trains and lectures in orthodontics across the world. In day-to-day practice, he treats patients in his Milton Keynes-based clinic, SmileLux and has extensive experience in Lingual braces, labial fixed appliances and clear aligners. Throughout his practice, Dr Hirani champions new developments and techniques.

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