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Introducing the NEW NSK Surgic Pro2

When it comes to implant placement the world-renowned NSK Surgic Pro surgical micromotor has become an essential piece of equipment that clinicians rely on day in, day out.

surgic pro2 complete setWhat’s new?

The Surgic Pro2 has been designed to enhance the performance of the Surgic Pro with a range of new specifications to ensure greater comfort, efficiency and safety during implant treatment and oral surgery.

  • Lighter, more compact motor to alleviate operator stress during prolonged surgical procedures
  • Large, back-lit, high contrast LCD panel with clear icons and a display adjustable to 10 different brightness levels
  • High-resolution, long-lasting colour LED light source
  • More predictable treatment

A large part of the success of the Surgic Pro has been as a result of the unique NSK Advanced Handpiece Calibration (AHC) function guaranteeing more accurate speed and torque control, and the Surgic Pro2 takes this further still.

The accuracy of the torque value is dependent on the state of the handpiece bearings and gear abrasion which the Surgic Pro2 calibration now takes into account to display more accurate values. AHC corrects the differences in the handpiece’s condition by minmising the discrepancy between the set torque value and the actual output which helps to improve overall treatment outcomes.

Surgic Pro2 ConnectivityWireless connectivity

Rather than being just a surgical micromotor, the Surgic Pro2 is now a central interface for other primary surgical applications. For example, the Osseo 100+measures implant stability and osseointegration to aid decisions about when to load the implant. Along with the VarioSurg3 ultrasonic surgical unit the Osseo 100+ can be connected to the Surgic Pro2 via Bluetooth.

This allows the VarioSurg3 to be operated by the same wireless foot control with the values measured by the Osseo 100+ simultaneously shown on the Surgic Pro2 display. The one foot control makes it easy to switch between the Surgic Pro2 and VarioSurg3 for improved flexibility and workflow. Using the free NSK app means all patient and treatment-related data generated during procedures can be visualised and saved to an external device. Data can then be displayed and transferred as required or stored in the electronic patient file whilst also providing full traceability of procedures to aid compliance.

Ready to go

The Surgic Pro2 will be available from 1st September as an optic or non-optic complete set with control unit, micromotor, 20:1 implant contra-angle, wireless foot control and accessories. The optic version comes equipped with the X-SG20L titanium contra-angle handpiece while the non-optic version is equipped with the SG20 stainless steel contra-angle handpiece, and both options are ready-to-use without any further configuration.


Dr Alfonso Rao“The NSK Surgic Pro has always been a superb piece of equipment and the advanced features incorporated in the new NSK Surgic Pro2 have made things better still. As clinicians we depend on the reliability of our equipment on a daily basis and the Surgic Pro2 takes reliability to the next level. The majority of the handpieces, implant and endo equipment we use on our courses at The Delta Dental Academy are supplied by NSK. That’s why I’ve added the NSK Surgic Pro2 to our inventory as a new central interface for all primary surgical applications.”
Dr Alfonso Rao
Clinical Director
Queens Square Dental Clinic Bristol

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