NSK T-max X450

Reducing procedure times and fatigue with the right handpiece

Registered Specialist Oral Surgeon Sami Stagnell talks about his preference for NSK’s high-performance Ti-Max X450 surgical high-speed handpiece for oral surgery procedures.

GDC-registered Specialist Oral Surgeon Sami Stagnell runs an intermediate oral surgery clinic in Wessex and works as a consultant for the Royal South Hants Hospital. Sami has two NSK Surgic Pro micromotor systems and regularly uses the Ti-Max X450 surgical handpiece with them.

Radically different ergonomics

When it comes to handpieces for restorative dentistry, Sami believes it is essential these be radically different from standard handpieces because of the high level of surgical precision required in the work they do. Oral surgery is complex, and contorting arms and hands for long periods can be painful, particularly when working with heavy handpieces. Therefore, the ergonomics of a handpiece make a big difference to the way you work; better ergonomics and lighter handpieces decrease fatigue, improve hand lineage and allow you to see better. This, in turn, means more comfort and better clinical performance.

It wasn’t until Sami began using the X450 that he realised what a big difference lightweight handpieces make, that surgery needn’t hurt your hands or be so tiring. He says: “The handpiece is so lightweight that I’m less fatigued after surgery and more comfortable when operating.”

Access all areas

The unique, 45°-angled head of the X450 is particularly useful for accessing the posterior of the mouth to remove roots and wisdom teeth and for picking up apicoectomies. Access is further increased by the slim form of the handpiece and its built-in cellular glass optics, both of which improve the field of view. Mr Stagnell says that this, combined with magnification, is “phenomenally useful”. The handpiece’s effective cooling system, created by triple water jets, makes performing treatment more comfortable. In addition, the handpiece offers 21W of power for consistent, effective cutting.

A good partner

The NSK Surgic Pro (Surgic Pro LED optic, Surgic Pro non-optic or Surgic Pro+ with LED) features advanced handpiece calibration (AHC) and its wide range of speed and torque settings allows clinicians to use Surgic Pro with any brand of implant system.

Trusted supplier

NSK is well known for its good customer support; Sami says:

“The help I get from [NSK] is as useful as any technical benefits I get. My personal preference is NSK wherever I can, and when I can bring my own kit with me, I always bring my NSK pieces, including my Ti-MAX X450 handpiece. I make a point of alerting others to my preferences, too, so if they are looking to buy new kit, I direct them towards NSK.”

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