NSK’s Top 10 Guide to Practice Success: Part Two

6. Gentle Care

Part 2.6We all love a bit of TLC and what better way to care for your handpieces than NSK’s iCare+ washer-disinfector system offering fast, relible and easy-to-use automatic cleaning for up to four instruments at a time. iCare+ can detect the type of instrument attached to the ports, providing deep cleaning and disinfection for the perfect treatment of every instrument.

7. A Sparkling Smile

Part 2.7Patients love a sparkling smile. The NSK Prophy-Mate neo is a proven and simple-to-use dental air-polishing unit that makes routine cleaning and polishing procedures easier and more efficient than ever before. Prophy-Mate neo is compact, lightweight and includes both 60° and 80° tips, so you can maximise cleaning even in difficult-to-reach areas. Combined with FLASH pearl – a spherical particulate calcium powder specifically designed to roll smoothly over the tooth surface ­– it quickly and safely removes stains, plaque and calculus to give sparkling results every time.

8. Perfect Margins

Part 2.8
The NSK Ti-Max Z95L is a high-speed (1:5 increasing) contra-angle, which offers improved visibility through the small head and neck size and benefits from a lightweight titanium body. The handpiece is exceptionally durable with minimal noise output, and offers many advantages in terms of delivering high-quality work.
In Dental Advisor, the NSK Ti-Max Z95L received a 5-star review with 100% of the review panel saying that they would recommend the product and 83% stating they would switch to using it [i]. Comments about the Ti-Max Z95L from the consultants on the panel included:

This is a high quality handpiece – quiet, vibration-free and dependable” and “Best handpiece I have ever used”.

9. Powerful Performance

Part 2.9
There’s a new generation of air-driven instruments taking the market by storm, including NSK’s Ti-Max Z Air turbine series featuring the Ti-Max® Z900L, which delivers an industry-leading 26-watts of power[ii] for smooth and efficient cutting and comes with a 3-year warranty . A smaller head size enhances visibility and the ergonomic, solid titanium body and DURAGRIP® coating, makes the handpiece easy to hold, even when wet.

10. Smooth Operator

Part 2.10
For stubborn areas of stain and calculus build-up, the NSK range of ultrasonic cleaners are perfect for the job. With the high-powered NSK iPiezo engine and auto feedback technology, the Varios 970’s performance is smooth and efficient, even in difficult-to-reach areas. The Varios range benefits from an extensive selection of over 70 tips  to meet scaling, restorative, maintenance, endodontic and periodontic needs.
Part 2.11
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[ii] Only Z900L. Power output measured by NSK internal research department.


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