Size does matter!

Lorraine McFadden, Senior Dental Nurse at Chorlton Private Dental Practice is delighted with the increased capacity of their new NSK iClave+ autoclave.

Fast instrument cleaning is vital in a busy practice, so quick cycles, a large chamber volume and low power consumption are key. But that’s not all, as well as a fast turnaround it is essential to choose a highly effective autoclave that is kind to instruments, especially to prolonging the life of valuable handpieces and surgical equipment, and above all, is reliable.

lorrainemcfaddenimg_3816Chorlton Private Dental Practice, Manchester performs a wide range of general, cosmetic and implant dentistry, resulting in multiple implant and surgical setups and instruments that need autoclaving all day, every day. A busy private practice, they cannot afford to be without a reliable autoclave, and Senior Dental Nurse Lorraine McFadden is delighted that Pauline Jones, NSK’s Northern Product Specialist, suggested that they took a trial run in practice of the NSK iClave+.

Lorraine commented, “Pauline has been working closely with myself and our practice team for a long time and she has been a terrific help to us in improving our handpiece care and maintenance routine and making our whole decontamination cycle run more efficiently. Pauline was well aware of just how much in the way of instruments we have to process daily and that is why she recommended we took a trial run of the iClave+ in practice to see if we could benefit from its fast cycles and large chamber capacity. We have been so impressed with it we have decided to keep it – the iClave+ is brilliant!”

“With our other autoclave we have to go through up to 4 cycles before we can get all our implant and surgical instruments through. With the iClave+ we can get everything all in one. It’s used all day, every day and I have to say it has really made our lives a lot easier. It’s fast, easy to use and the large chamber means we can process many more instruments at a time. We can’t find anything not to like about it and overall we have been really impressed.”

The iClave+ incorporates a copper chamber and differentiated heating, making cycles faster without the need for a steam generator and so increasing the iClave+’s reliability. It has an increased chamber volume that is 20% higher than comparable systems, and combined with fast cycles of less than 20 minutes can make a considerable difference to practice performance whilst saving time and money.

Combining a compact and elegant design with quick cycles and low power consumption, the iClave+ is very easy to use. Equipped with a powerful vacuum pump enabling total air expulsion, the iClave+ makes it possible to reliably sterilise any kind of material, including the internal surfaces of handpieces. Moreover, the pump generates forced ventilation and perfect drying. The iClave+ delivers hospital standard sterilisation and can perform the Bowie & Dick and Helix tests as specified in HTM 01-05.

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