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Joe Watson BDS, MSc (Implantology), MFDS RCPS (Glas) talks about the pivotal role that having the right team and the right equipment plays in delivering high quality dental care.

Tiwari Watson Dental CareTiwari Watson Dental Care in Glasgow was founded by myself and my dentist wife, Raashi Tiwari, in 2015. I was working as an associate when the owner decided to sell, so although it was very early in our careers and not something we had planned to do, we decided it was a great opportunity to go ahead and buy the practice for ourselves.

Since then, things have been going really well. We have relocated to new premises, expanded our team and added new surgeries. We pride ourselves on being an all-round family practice treating both NHS and private patients.

A focus on implants

While I continue to be involved in general dentistry, my main focus is on dental implants, which is probably the treatment that I enjoy the most. Being the lead implant surgeon at the practice the majority of my work is referrals from our own associates, although we do accept referrals from other practices as well.

When it comes to the handpieces and small equipment our team use, quality and reliability are essential. For implant surgery I have been a long-time user of the NSK Surgic Pro implant motor, which has proved a great investment. The motor is short and lightweight and feels really comfortable in the hand, which is so important during long, sometimes complex procedures. I’ve also recently purchased the NSK VarioSurg3 ultrasonic surgery system, which is ideal for sinus lifts and cutting bone and easily links with the Surgic Pro using just one foot pedal.

The surgical handpiece I use most is the NSK Ti-Max X-SG20L 20:1 speed reducing contra-angle. This is brilliant for surgical extractions or when I want to separate roots. It makes difficult extractions so much easier and quicker, especially when you’re then placing an implant as you can be extremely delicate with the handpiece, helping to preserve vital bone.

A move to electric

Ti-Max Z95L handpieceFor general dentistry, our clinical team has been increasingly moving from high-speed turbines to electric, combining a micromotor with NSK’s Ti-Max Z95L (1:5 speed increasing contra-angle) for the majority of treatments. Personally, I much prefer the electric option now, especially for crown preps. The Ti-Max Z95L is really fast at cutting and removing old crowns but then you can slow things right down for delicate and precise re-preps and the final polishing of fine margins. It’s a handpiece that gives you so much more overall control.

In terms of patient comfort, I find the Z95L is much quieter with less vibration than a turbine. This is of particular benefit to our more nervous patients who may associate the noise of a high-speed drill with painful or uncomfortable treatment.

NSK Perio-MateDental hygiene matters

As is the case for any other practice, at Tiwari Watson Dental Care dental hygiene is key. We have two dental therapists whose aim is to improve the standards of oral care for all our patients, particularly for those who’ve had implants and they do this by ensuring there is a maintenance programme in place. This is where the NSK Perio-Mate biofilm eraser with its glycine powder is particularly beneficial. The Perio-Mate is nimble and flexible with a slim nozzle and 360˚ rotation, allowing access to delicate periodontal pockets and removing biofilm without injury to the soft tissues and root surfaces.

Also, for powder therapy, we are also one of the few practices in Glasgow that routinely uses the state-of-the-art Prophy-Mate neo supragingival air polisher during hygiene appointments. This air powered tooth polishing system is superb for removing stubborn stains and plaque, making the teeth look and feel smooth and super clean.

Great customer support

Of course, it’s not only the durability and quality of the equipment that matters but also the quality of customer support. Our local NSK Product Specialist, Angela Glasgow is always on hand when we need her, either by phone or text. And, if we have a problem or query, she’s happy to pop in and see us, which is just so helpful for everyone.

A community focus

As a family dental practice we work hard to serve the local community with quality dental care. We also love participating in fundraising and volunteer activities for local and international charities throughout the year. We continue to promote good oral health to young children with visits to local schools and nurseries by members of our team.

We are lucky to continue to be a very busy practice and at some point in the near future we are looking to expand. We want to keep doing what we’re doing really well, while improving where we can, so our patients can be really happy with the care they receive. This is what everyone at Tiwari Watson Dental Care is looking forward to.


Dr Joe Watson BDS, MSc (Implantology), MFDS RCPS (Glas)

Dr Joe Watson
BDS, MSc (Implantology), MFDS RCPS (Glas)

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