NSK Ikigai Webinar – Lights, Cameras, Retraction

Unleashing the potential of the hygiene room in the digital age

An Ikigai Webinar with Lauren Long & Siobhan Kelleher


The aim of this session is to introduce participants to the hygiene wheel, coaching approaches, digital equipment and latest technology that can be used in  dental hygiene room, so that they will be able to enhance their performance and hence patient care.


  • Discuss different coaching approaches that can be used chairside
  • Enhance awareness of diagnostic equipment to support the clinician
  • Heighten awareness of various equipment that can be used for patient education

Development Outcome: A, B, C and D

Worth 1 hour of verifiable eCPD

Gaining verifiable CPD is an essential component of a dental professional’s life-long learning and as a company we are committed to the provision of relevant education. As part of this commitment we publish regular online CPD articles. Each article is followed by a series of multiple-choice questions that should be answered online, after which respondents will receive immediate feedback as to whether answers are correct or given the opportunity to re-answer if necessary.

On completion you will be able to download a PDF certificate, which can be used as evidence of CPD hours.

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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