Perfecting Your Hygiene Routine: Part Two

In these days of strict compliance with infection control regulations, Mark Beckwith, NSK Product Manager, discusses how to ensure your valuable handpieces are correctly and safely maintained.

Advanced Autoclaves

The most advanced systems will take the end users workspace into consideration so it’s important to choose an autoclave that combines performance within a compact and elegant design. When time is of the essence, quick cycles, low-power consumption and a large chamber volume are key, so sterilising more of your instruments (20%+) in less than 20 minutes could make a considerable difference to your staff processes whilst saving the practice time and money.

The automatic heating system within these units is the essential part of the sterilisation process. The heat should be precisely controlled to deliver an even temperature distribution to eliminate any thermic differences, making it possible to sterilise wrapped or non-wrapped instruments. A three-temperature sensor to control the steam could eliminate the risks of early deterioration as can occur with low-quality autoclaves. In keeping with strict regulations, your autoclave should also be able to provide hospital-standard sterilisation and perform the daily Bowie & Dick and Helix tests as specified in HTM 01-05.


Complete traceability is now also an essential part of the cleaning process and, for full HTM 01-05 compliance, cycle parameters should be recorded together with details of routine testing and maintenance of equipment used. Software is now available to log all cycle data onto an external USB storage device, generating a serial number for every cycle. Once this data is transferred to a computer you can add serial numbers of individual instruments to specific cycle records in order to establish total traceability.

All dental instruments must be perfectly cleaned, disinfected and maintained, and care should be taken in choosing the right manufacturer to partner with. You should always choose from a trusted and reliable manufacturer who is aware of the requirements in daily practice, backed up with many years of research, and offer warranty on all their products.

It is also worth remembering that not using the recommended equipment and procedures can lead to any warranties being invalidated.

For more information on NSK’s care and maintenance range, contact Mark Beckwith on 07900 246529 or visit

NSK use the most advanced technologies and high-quality components in all of their handpieces and sterilisation products. Due to the more gentle thermal characteristics, an additional warranty of six months is provided on NSK instruments for all Dental X Domina Plus B and iClave autoclave users. In order to assist practices in this fundamental task,

NSK has created a video guide that gives step-by-step instructions to ensure the appropriate maintenance of your handpieces. To find out more about essential handpiece care and maintenance and earn one hour of CPD, visit

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