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What is "NSK STUDIO" ?

NSK Studio is a 3D CG animation studio developed in the hope of inspiring people to “protect beautiful teeth, and the global environment”. We created this animation series to express our gratitude to dental healthcare professionals, including dentists and oral hygienists. We also hope that the animation will motivate viewers to look after their teeth and care for the environment.

NSK STUDIO Animations

Episode 1

High-precision you can trust.


Our “Declaration” film introduces the lively characters who’ll appear in the upcoming episodes of this animation series. The “Declaration Version” was created with the aim of expressing NSK’s commitment to a healthier future, and our continuing pledge to create sustainable solutions through innovative technology.

New episodes will be released soon! Stay tuned

EP2 “The importance of dental checkups”
COMING SOON – Release in Summer

EP3 “Beautiful pond in KANUMA”
COMING SOON – Release in Fall