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“Could this be an immediate approach to oral hygiene?”

Put a smile on your patients’ face with the ‘SMILEBOX’ from NSK and Young.
Inside the ‘SMILEBOX’ is a complimentary range of products offering everything for professional oral hygiene care, at a time when we look to minimise the risk.


2Tone™ Disclosing solution

Disclosing solution turns new plaque red, old plaque blue.
Erythrosine free.
1x59ml bottle

DryTips® (small)

Dry tips are superior to cotton rolls.
Effective coverage of parotid orifice and buccal mucosa.
Less need for 3in1 syringe.

Young™ Prophy Paste, Mint

Polish Paste with reduced splatter.
Fluoride free, neutral pH and gluten-free.
1×125 single cups

NSK FX57m Prophy contra-angle + YOUNG™ Elite Original™ Cup

NSK FX57m Prophy contra-angle (4:1 speed reduction) in combination with Young’s Elite Original Cup (screw-in cup) .

  • One controlled slower speed = reduced/zero splatter (versus 1:1 contra-angle)
  • short cup and the ultra-small head of the contra-angle enable easy access and excellent visibility. The soft rubber flexes to create perfect adaptability to the tooth surface. Thanks to the lower flange of the screw-type cup neatly covering the contra angle, the sealing of the NSK prophy contra-angle is protected from prophy paste entering the head. The cups` exterior ridges also significantly reduce splatter, and improve interdental polishing.
  • Enhanced durability achieved through a unique design preventing polish/dust from entering the handpiece (see graphic below).


1 x FX57m Prophy contra-angle (C1054001)
144 x Elite Original cup (053901)
125 x Prophy paste mint – single cups (295685)
59ml x 2Tone disclosing solution (233102)
50 x DryTips small (291543)