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Since NSK’s founding in 1930, our mission has been to protect precious teeth across the world. And we have always worked together with dental healthcare professionals and partners to create success on this mission.

When we needed a culture of craftsmanship to deliver truly reliable quality, we created it. When we needed sustainable manufacturing to protect the environment, we created it. When we needed innovative dental equipment to better treat our patients, we created it.

Today, the world dreams of a healthier future.
Together, let’s create it!

To protect beautiful teeth all over the world, we’ve provided trustworthy and high-precision products at reasonable prices.
To protect beautiful Mother Nature, we’ve made choices that minimize our impact on the environment, and we’ve committed to energy-saving and recycling efforts.
We’ve held firm in our commitment to these ideals since we were established.
Because it will always be our top priority to make the right choices, and to protect what’s precious and beautiful.
We are NSK.

Listening to the voice of each and every dental healthcare professionals across the world and creating high quality dental equipment.
We consider both ideals top priorities.
We are always eager to hear your thoughts and experiences.
No matter what your unique needs and challenges may be, we are committed to listening to your voice and answer through the creation of new products and quality services.
We are NSK.

We can achieve greater precision in dental treatment by minimizing noise and vibration to the best of our ability.
Creating highly accurate contra-angles requires cutting-edge, high-precision machining technology and many years of technical experience.
Our products are assembled with accuracy at micron levels by skilled craftsmen who ensure quality is prioritised through their finely honed senses and skills.
Every day, we strive to achieve world-leading levels of accuracy.
We are NSK.

Across all our business activities, we make choices that help minimize our impact on the environment.
We source 100% green energy for our headquarters and factory, and we commit to energy-saving and recycling efforts.
On our factory grounds, we have carps swimming in ponds filled with water, cleansed throughout our manufacturing processes by water purification systems. These systems purify waste water to a level clean enough for nature to thrive in, before distributing it back into the rivers.
With our factory surrounded by nature, we are always reminded of our precious environment as we continue to create beautiful products.
We are NSK.

We strive to create new products, using innovative technology that will surprise the world.
Take dental air turbines for example. In order to maximize energy efficiency, we use high performance fluid simulations to analyse computer graphic models.
By repeatedly obtaining data from test models based on ideal values, we are able to check consistency against simulations. By doing this, we have achieved a 30% increase in torque.
We have a strong belief in “monozukuri” (the Japanese spirit of manufacturing) and a passion for creating top quality products,
We are NSK.

We strive to protect the healthy smiles of people across the world by listening to the voices of dental healthcare professionals across the world.
We continue to create high-precision, revolutionary products through cutting-edge technology and skilled craftsmanship.
We strive to minimize our impact on our beautiful environment throughout our manufacturing process, and continue to carry out fair and transparent management practices.
We will create a beautiful future for our teeth and our Earth.
We are NSK.