What I love about the VarioSurg3


David Winkler DDS, principal dentist at CastleView Dental in Windsor, talks about why the NSK VarioSurg3 is his instrument of choice for even the most delicate of surgical procedures.

What attracted you to piezo surgery with the NSK VarioSurg3?
It’s the fact that it’s very conservative. The choice of tips make it very easy to remove just the right amount of bone to access the sinus, wisdom tooth or the periodontal ligament. If you put a rotating burr on the bone and it slips you can easily damage the soft tissue, whereas with the VarioSurg3 if you touch the soft tissue there’s no problem at all.

I started using the Variosurg for sinus lifts, as it works perfectly to avoid perforating the membrane. I also do a lot of work on wisdom teeth and getting that far back in the mouth with a rotating burr can be difficult. The VarioSurg3 works well for this on both the access element to the back of the mouth, but also is gentle on the surrounding hard tissue. It is now an integral part of our surgical armoury.

Why did you use the VarioSurg3 for this tooth extraction case?
The traditional way to extract a tooth is using a luxator to loosen the tooth and cutting the periodontal ligament in order to lift the roots out of the socket. With the VarioSurg3 extraction is very, very gentle. In this particular case I had a very thin buccal wall to deal with and because the patient was contemplating having implants I didn’t want to lose any bone. I was afraid if I luxated the tooth that I would break the buccal bone making it more difficult later on to place an implant. The tooth was very decayed with a slight root fracture and with a luxator I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get the roots out. With the VarioSurg3 it was so much easier and definitely worth it in order to preserve the bone.

The patient had no problems with the procedure. You do get a slight ultrasonic sound from the VarioSurg3 but patients are used to that from other procedures such as scaling and polishing. It also gives off much less vibration than a rotating burr.

What tips do you use with the VarioSurg3?
NSK offer a full range of tips. I have in the region of 15 different tips and the one I use depends on if I’m cutting bone, scraping bone or if I’m trying to release the membrane from the sinus in order to do a sinus lift. The range of tips gives me not just a choice but also much more flexibility about what procedures I can carry out using the Variosurg3

What advice would you give to anyone trying the VarioSurg3?
The VarioSurg3 is very gentle to both the bone and soft tissue. You also get very little bleeding when doing any kind of surgical procedure with it. If you’re doing anything more than just simple extractions it is definitely worth the investment.

You could consider leasing a VarioSurg3. I leased mine over a number of years and the cost per month is minimal compared to the amount of cases it can be used for.

How long have you worked with NSK?
Since I opened CastleView Dental in 2011. As well as the VarioSurg3 I love NSK handpieces, especially the high speed contra-angles which are robust and feel good in my hand. Compared to turbines you get more torque and the tactile sensation is so much better – they are definitely my preferred handpieces.

The service I get from the team at NSK is just top-notch. It’s not the bottom line that counts for them, it’s the clinical excellence and service behind it that’s important.

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Dr. David Winkler DDS

David Winkler DDSDavid studied Biology and Chemistry at Syracuse University. He then moved to Denmark where he initially trained as a Dental Technician before moving on to become a dentist, qualifying from the Royal Dental College in Copenhagen in 1983. David ran his own practice in Outrup, Denmark for 17 years before moving to Windsor where he has been in practice ever since. David is a self-confessed dental geek. He has a passion for everything dental, always investigating new techniques, products and advances in the industry.
David began implants in 1987 and has been president of a number of aesthetic academies including the British, Scandinavian (Founding President) and the European Academy and is the immediate past President of the International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry.