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NSK VarioSurg2 and ISD900 cordless screwdriver

Oral and dental implant surgery require precision and control in order to achieve accurate and reproducible outcomes. It is essential to use reliable equipment for these procedures and Philip Friel, of Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry in Glasgow explains his thoughts on purchasing and using a surgical micromotor and ultrasonic bone surgery system.

As an experienced clinician, Philip offers a range of dental services including general dentistry, restorative, cosmetic, orthodontics, facial aesthetics and dental implants. The practice is also a referral clinic and as such works with, and mentors, fellow practitioners from all over the country. Philip, alongside two colleagues, carry out up to three implant surgical procedures per day, so when he wanted to upgrade his equipment reliability was one of the top priorities.

Philip said: “As the number of implants we handled in our clinic started to rise, I looked to invest in new equipment. We needed a system that was easy to use, reliable and predictable. With three clinicians placing implants, I wanted a workhorse, something that I could rely upon to work continuously preventing any clinical interruption or downtime as a result of unreliability.

Equally I wanted robust, quality, functional and reliable equipment that would do a great job every time. Another important consideration was having a good service and back-up facility in case anything went wrong.”

Practitioners are very busy people, so having to take time out to fully evaluate the myriad of products can be difficult. For Philip, he trusted NSK to deliver his very exacting requirements. Having previously used NSK handpieces and been delighted with the results, NSK was naturally his first point of call when it came to investing in new surgical equipment.

NSK SurgicPro+ surgical micromotorPhilip opted to equip his surgery with NSK’s SurgicPro+ surgical system, VarioSurg2 ultrasonic bone surgery system and ISD900 prosthodontic cordless screwdrivers, and has been very pleased with his purchases.

The NSK SurgicPro+ surgical micromotor offers an exceptional combination of power and accuracy, which is easy to use as its performance is displayed in real-time on a large LCD screen. Offering a wide range of speeds and torque settings, the SurgicPro+ can be used with almost any implant system. Philip added: “I like the addition of the LED on the SurgicPro+. Although I wear loupes for the surgery, the LED has been helpful in terms of preparation and placement of the restoration.”

For multiple-surgeon practices sharing the SurgicPro+ system, the programming facility is ideal. Each dentist can pre-set the motors to the appropriate implant system and those details remain in the memory so there’s no need for each different user to change settings – they can simply switch between presets to find their preferred settings.

VarioSurg2 ultrasonic bone surgery system Philip said: “I have been using NSK handpieces for many years and it seemed the logical progression, given their reliability and performance, to look at NSK’s surgical offering. I tried some alternative manufacturer’s surgical motors but they didn’t offer the functionality of the SurgicPro+. The customisation facility of NSK’s motors is impressive and we use the presets all the time. We’ve got three dentists placing implants in the clinic and we have eight or nine presets loaded in to the system to cover personal preference together with recommended implant system specific settings.”

The VarioSurg2 ultrasonic bone surgery system is indispensable when performing certain implant procedures, the feedback and auto-tuning functions, combined with a wide range of tips, ensure faster, more precise treatments. The intuitive controls and clear LCD screen makes VarioSurg2 really easy to operate, taking the strain out of delicate procedures.

NSK’s ISD 900 cordless screwdriver NSK’s ISD 900 cordless screwdriver with variable torque control is perfect for prosthodontic screw fixing procedures, and compared to manual procedures, saves up to 50% of time. This durable contra-angle handpiece offers great accessibility and safety, particularly towards the back of the mouth and is compatible with all the popular implant systems, and has a 90-minute quick charge facility.

Fantastic service

Another important factor to consider when making an investment in new equipment is service and aftercare. You need to be reassured that if there is a problem with your equipment it will be rectified quickly and efficiently and you are not left making a series of telephone calls and arranging deliveries. Philip said: “I can’t emphasise enough how important having reliable equipment was for me. Having previously worked with NSK I trusted their equipment and since we took delivery three-years-ago there has been only one problem and that was quickly resolved. NSK sent a courier to collect the device and delivered an identical device on loan until ours was fixed, so there was minimal surgical downtime.”

Buying new equipment can be a time-consuming task, so finding a supplier that can offer the full service from first point of contact through to aftercare and service is important. NSK offer a smooth and efficient process from first contact to installation, as well as ongoing service and support. In terms of the whole experience with NSK, for Philip it was “seamless”. He said: “I take advertising material with a pinch of salt, so what’s important to me is the reputation of the company and reliability of the equipment. With a very busy surgery I wanted reliable equipment and once I had made contact with NSK’s representative they quickly arranged a trial of the required equipment to ensure that I was happy with it in operation. It was a fairly seamless transaction and we now have multiple NSK units in the clinic to service our needs.”

Dr Philip FrielAbout the author

Dr Philip Friel is Clinical Director and Principal Dentist at Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry in Glasgow. Philip graduated from Glasgow University with degrees in anatomy (1998) and dental surgery (2000), and attained membership to the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh in 2004. In 2009 Philip was awarded entry to Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow without examination. For more information visit

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