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NSK Handpieces Z90L and Z45L

This article was first published February 2015

Why choose a speed-increasing handpiece

Neel Jaiswal is an experienced restorative dentist, heading up a multi-disciplinary team at his practice Neel Dentistry, based in Welwyn, Hertfordshire. The methodology of the practice is to build rapport, plan treatment and coordinate the patient management with the team, who then manage the necessary orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics and implant treatment. The team believes that treatment planning for life is key. With the ultimate aim to help patients keep their teeth for life, only the very best in dental equipment, especially handpieces, will do. This equipment has to satisfy performance, value, and ergonomics and must be backed up by excellent service and support.

NSK Ti-Max Z95L handpieceNeel has long been an advocate of NSK products and has developed a close working relationship with their team. Having used a range of NSK products in the past, when it came to opening his own practice over three years ago, he looked to NSK for support.

Neel said: “When the practice was being setup I had a micromotor and speed-increasing handpiece built in. The handpiece I have is the NSK Ti-Max Z95L, it’s the latest high-speed (1:5 increasing) contra-angle, which offers improved visibility through the reduction of head and neck size and benefits from a lightweight titanium body*. The handpiece is exceptionally durable with minimal noise output, which my patients really appreciate, and I find that although I have turbines, I don’t use them and I much prefer my speed increasing handpiece as it offers so may advantages in terms of delivering high quality work”

Neel goes on to comment: “We do a lot of microscope and close magnification work in the practice and I find the Ti-Max Z95L operates with very little vibration and delivers a level of control not replicable with a turbine. Additionally, the Ti-Max Z95L has a very small head and neck, which can be very useful in tight spaces and when trying to deliver very fine work, as you can see what you’re doing more easily.

NSK Ti-Max Z45L handpiece“I have also recently purchased an NSK Ti-Max Z45L 1:4.2 speed increasing contra-angle with a 45° head. This handpiece really compliments my Ti-Max Z95L and is very useful where space is tight, getting me out of tricky situations several times a week”.

The NSK electric micro-motors can be fully integrated into the delivery system of most dental treatment units, however when integration is not an option, they can easily be added in the form of a stand-alone table top unit connected to the delivery system and integrated with existing controls.

NSK never stops reviewing, developing and improving its products and an important aspect of this process is listening to practitioner feedback so NSK can ensure its products meet the needs of the professionals who use them. Alex Breitenbach, Managing Director, NSK UK Ltd said: “When it comes to high speed instruments, we are currently at the point where we’ve got the most powerful instruments in the market. We recently launched the NSK Ti-Max Z900L, the World’s most powerful turbine** and NSK Ti-Max Z95L, high-speed (1:5 increasing) contra-angle which received a 5 Star review in a recent Dental Advisor† clinical evaluation, and we are working hard in other specialties to make sure the products we deliver to the market are exceptional quality, whilst maintaining value for money.”

Equipment Rental†

Neel took advantage of the NSK rental scheme when selecting the Ti-Max Z95L as his handpiece of choice and comments: “Renting equipment from NSK makes complete sense, I can utilise the very latest handpiece with the peace of mind that it comes from a highly reliable source and breakdown and service cover are built in to the agreement for a small fixed monthly fee.”

Care and maintenance

Service is everything these days and NSK employ some of the most experienced sales and support staff any dental company has to offer, Neel comments: “The professionalism of the NSK sales and support staff makes the difference, all the staff are very knowledgeable, well-trained and willing to go the extra mile. They treat me as an investor in their products and as a person, not a sale. They were happy to come to my practice to train my staff in how best to maintain my handpieces. Even better was the training qualified them for CPD which was fantastic.”

NSK has built a solid reputation for quality products, which are recognised globally as some of the best and most innovative across the industry. Alex Breitenbach, who has worked in the industry for more than 20 years, explains more: “We started in the UK in 2007 with three staff, we now have 18, and we are the premier rotary instrument supplier in the United Kingdom. The key to our success in the UK has been the quality of our products, our people and the trust we have gained from our customers. Our team of highly qualified Product Specialists, most of which have nursing or hygiene qualifications are always on hand to offer advice and training or support at educational events. We also have a UK-based service and repair operation, manned by highly experienced engineers and we continuously work to improve product awareness, sales and support for the practices we work with.”

Try before you buy

Alex continues: “One of our most successful sales initiatives has been the no obligation 10-day ‘try-before-you-buy’ scheme. A selection of NSK’s most popular products are available on the scheme and I would highly recommend it, as it provides an excellent opportunity to try a new piece of equipment before committing to rental or purchase.”

For NSK the future is not only about continuing to improve its equipment, but the commitment to giving the best service and support to the industry.

Neel added: “It is very important in these days of litigation and compliance to use equipment that meets all the necessary safety standards. For those aiming for efficiency and excellence should look to manufacturers who provide an all round package of guaranteed quality products and who can offer outstanding sales and aftercare support”.

For information on the NSK product range and Rental Scheme contact NSK on 0800 6341909 or your preferred dental dealer. 

Facebook: NSK UK LTD
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†Business use only, subject to status. Rental is arranged through NSK’s finance partners Snowbird Finance Ltd.
*Only external body component is titanium

Neel Jaiswal, Dentist, BDS MFGDP

Neel Jaiswal, Dentist, BDS MFGDPGraduated from Birmingham University Dental Hospital in 1996
OMFS SHO at Lincoln Hospital 1999
Dental officer Sydney, Australia 2000
Certificate in Surgical Implantology at the Eastman Dental Institute
Certificate in Facial Aesthetics at the Royal College of Surgeons
Vocational Trainer 2006
Study club facilitator
Pankey Institute study club member
Spear Institute faculty club member 2013
ITI study club member

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